One comment on “Taylor Townsend: American Thunder Down Under #AusOpen #USTA

  1. Haha, Jankovic’s voice is irritating to me. It’s whiny. And yeah, mdeacil timeouts and tantrums are part of every match. Ain’t complete without ’em.I remember the almost 8-minute timeout she had in Garros for her arm. Went on to win the match in straight sets. Pfft. I’m actually happy that Dinara is kicking her ass twice in a row now.As for the cute/pretty thing — well, tennis has a reputation of being a “pretty sport”. I mean, more oft than not, the players look attractive. SOME fans become fans because the player is “hot, cute, handsome, pretty” and NOT because of their game. (Stupid, I know.) It just so happens that it affects the women more than the men; if you’re pretty, I don’t care if you’re not good as long as you’re easy on the eyes. Aside from the already mentioned, do you know of other players like that in the WTA?The ATP simply has a higher quality of tennis talent than the WTA, methinks. Pretty boys get fans because they are pretty but they also have a workable game. Feliciano Lopez can make you stop and stare (whether you are a man or a woman). He’s no Nadal in the level of play but QFs in Wimbledon, taking a set off Federer, Roddick in some of their matches, and having a nice serve — he’s far from being a pushover. Speaking of Feds and Rafa, their staying power at the top of the sport is merely a dream for WTA. Post-Hingis, nobody dominated women’s tennis. Justine did, but still she was shaky at times.Let me just go back to American tennis. My friend mentioned that there is nothing wrong in the training and such of tennis in the US. It’s just that the players (juniors and professionals alike) fail to deliver. And if they do, they are pushed into the shadows of past champions. Look at Blake and Mardy Fish. One mention of them and you HAVE to mention Andy Roddick even if the article has nothing to do with Roddick.


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