Originally launched as the regional US tennis blog Tennis Maryland in 2011, we expanded and relaunched as Tennis East Coast in April of 2012 to best reflect our primary journalists hailing from the East Coast of the US. You may be familiar with us in that manner, and the same content you know and love is still here.

After two and a half years of tremendous, rapid growth thanks to work of our excellent journalists and the support of our wonderful readers and followers, our site was re-branded and overhauled with new content and contributors in January of 2015 as Tennis Atlantic. This name reflects our diverse roster of talented journalists that hail from both sides of the Atlantic, and a global readership that is as diverse as the sport of tennis itself. It also reflects our intended coverage net that spans across six continents.

We seek to be an essential source for tennis news, previews, recaps, predictions, analysis, features, opinion, and more featuring high quality , unique, and fresh coverage of the ATP and WTA Tours, along with the lower levels of the game including the Challenger tour, and College Tennis.

We celebrate and do our best to support and promote all levels of the game, going beyond the headlines of the top 10 players. Furthermore, we go beyond the court and work to bring fans, tournaments and players closer together, showing the tremendous variety of talents, skills, excitement, thrills, drama, fun, and personality that professional tennis has to offer at all levels.  Our desire is to appeal to a wide variety of audiences from the casual or first time fan to the hardcore followers.

In addition to our recurring, and consistent weekly coverage of the professional tours, we will also feature a variety of on-site, live tournament coverage from the ATP and WTA tours, Davis Cup, the ATP Challenger Tour, Fed Cup, NCAA Tennis and more. Utilizing both our staff of journalists to cover tournaments in person when possible, and homegrown guest contributors and journalists to do the same, primarily covering tennis action in their own regional areas and tournaments in a comprehensive manner. This coverage will ring true to our site motto “because tennis is never played in the media tent”, and we will bring you live on site action from on the court and around the tournament grounds.

Lastly, we welcome cooperation with other tennis and sports journalism websites, magazines, blogs, social media accounts, and the like along with collaboration with fans. We are more than happy to promote, encourage, and collaborate, as there is a whole world of great tennis, talented writers, and sports journalism.

It is our goal to bring you tennis coverage and content that is one of a kind, and keeps you coming back to the site.

Contact us at:
Co-Editor Steen Kirby: steen@tennisatlantic.com
Co-Editor Steve Fogleman: sfogleman@tennisatlantic.com
Journalist Niall Clarke: niall@tennisatlantic.com
You can also reach us on Twitter and Facebook

Thanks for visiting Tennis Atlantic. Comments, shares, likes, and repeated visits are always greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy our site!


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