2 comments on “Our Semi-Annual Very Serious Editorial: How to beat the US Open at its own game

  1. Thank God it wasn’t just me who thought that Roger’s acanpraepe at the players’ party in Dubai was, as you put it, a get out of jail free card.The kind of selective amnesia shown by the tennis press is mind boggling, but I almost expect it now.It’s not always as obvious as it is in this case, but would be very much in evidence if for example, Venus took a public position against the dubious injury timeouts so rampant on the WTA Tour. Very soon you’d see articles appearing to side with her, but with ever so gentle a hint of a suggestion that to do so so publicly wasn’t perhaps in the best of taste.Very different when Roger does the same with respect to Djokos pullouts (not that I’m a fan of that either), no?


  2. great piece!!!

    “they’ll see an ant playing tennis” HaHa- Ashe is the worst tennis venue in the game-tennis is difficult to follow w/binoculars+you would need them to see that the winner’s check is for 1.8 m(US)

    As for the outrageous prices, i agree; but, i’m scottish and “Scots are tighter than bark to the tree”- I thought it was too expensive 10 yrs ago…

    someone had to say it, thanks Steve!


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