2 comments on “Good Day for US Women #FedCup Day 1

  1. In the “ideal world” Serena returning like the Fierce Stomping Diva that she is, only pays off bgigie style for the WTA.The first go-round forced the ladies to raise the level of their game. Now with a new generation on the horizon (Vaidisova, Peer, Golovin, Ivanovic, Chakvetadze, et al) who weren’t in contention at the time of the SerenaSlam, I’m hoping for an awakening, and a hunger.Love Kim, like Amelie, find Hingis intriguing….but these aren’t the ones that are going to rise to the challenge. Serena’s opponents-to-be are the ones young enough to want the brass ring, and smart enough to hire the right coaches/trainers to equip them to meet the challenge.

  2. I hear you. Technically, he didn’t actually beat Roddick. If you get my drift.Yes, he rretuned serve very well. But at this point in Roddick’s career, having someone return his serve well shouldn’t get all up in his kitchen as it did in this match.And yet, it did. So he found himself reliving last year’s final, a match he’s never gotten over no matter what he and his coach say, serving to stay in the match in overtime.And he cracked like a cheap martini glass.How many Wimbledon matches is Roddick going to lose by dropping his serve? I can think of five off the top of my head.This is a three-time Wimbledon finalist with one of the best, if not the best serves in the game, and weaponry off the ground to back it up.And yet he loses matches on grass by dropping serve.Pfff……

Return Serve?

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