2 comments on “An Emotional Caroline Garcia After Loss to Cibulkova in Madrid

  1. She is so talented but French players,men or women,are sometimes wonderfully talented physically but often relatively poor under pressure, not just at French, but careers overall. Tsonga and Noah may be an exception and perhaps Pierce, but she was not a great mover or a genius level talent like others. From Leconte to Gasquet to Monfils to Caroline, mental game has always been not just average but poor. These 3 all had talent to be the best player in the game (Stich from Germany was another), but not enough mental stillness to perform even at a level to win 1 or 2 Slams (unlike Stich) much less get to #1. Caroline has time especially these days when careers last longer but in 5 years since she has not had even remotely impressive results to think she will ever produce Slam wins, much less get to #1. And like Leconte, and Gasquet and Pioline that gap is all mental in tight conditions, the other players, even lesser players, perform better.

    It’s a shame because these players all have magic in their hands and bodies and beautiful games that I would love to see come to fruition, as Federer, Sampras (not quite as magical), and McEnroe did in their careers. Henin and Hingis also.


  2. thank you for your videos and articles. Caroline Garcia could be so good if she can only focus on her game, not caring about medias or other kind of pressure.
    Even if she lost that match against cibulkova I think this will be a good lesson to her, a tough one but the tour is itself so tough.
    the french crowd will cheer for her but she has to go there with a positive spirit, they are here for her when she needs them but she has to fight no matter what happens here. Every point is important on clay.
    wish her to find this positive spirit when she’ll be in Roland Garros. She has the game to go very far here.


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