One comment on “2017 ATP Madrid Preview and Predictions (@MutuaMadridOpen)

  1. Interesting article to read now that the tournament has started. Pre tournament I put a bet on the quartrer winners.. backing Thiem, Cuevas, Nadal, and Nishikori to emerge from each section.
    I still believe Thiem can top Murray (Although Murray will be given a stern test from Coric first),
    if Nadal can find a way past Kyrgios I think Raonic in the quarters may be more straightforward.
    Nishikori has a fighting chance to beat Djokovic and advance to the semis with Djokovic looking a little vulnerable at times against (at times inspired) Almagro..
    Cuevas is my darkhorse for the semis, in some ways I would have been more comfortable with him playing Wawrinka in the next round, as he holds that recent 1-0 H2H, while his H2H with Paire is 0-3 I believe.. If Cuevas gets through that he will face either Berdych or Zverev. And as great as Zverev has been playing, I believe the amount of matches he has played over the past week may catch up with him, and either Berdych or the winner of Cuevas/Paire will stop him..
    Just my take on things! I’m still backing Rafa for the title (Perhaps a little bias as I am a fan), but I think his biggest test in the tournament will come tomorrow, and if he can pass that he will be fine


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